I paint words on an obscure cave wall. For me, only me. Glance at the scrawlings… if you choose

Grand Haven, MI Pier / photo by author

Really, I only purposefully write for me. I am not driven to build readers or followers. I do have a lightly viewed blog. It began as my 200 day countdown to quitting my job, selling our house, giving away our possessions and moving to the beach.

50 claps. That was good... I hope only a few percent drawn from inside you

We are so incredibly different... and yet when you hit the Nerd paragraph... so the same :)

Short and sweet with a great Hunter Thompson quote!

Loved your "One time i drove to a bar" post too... I could relate... been there decades ago.

At least for us, the perfect place

“Stairway to Heaven” Grand Haven Pier / photo by author

Thankfully, not everyone will agree that we live in paradise. If they did, our adopted sanctuary would be overrun… forever damaged. Grand Haven, Michigan is a town of 10,000. But swells to claims of 300,000 on one special weekend every summer. The price to be paid as the only Coast…

Lake Michigan water quality

Grand Haven Fog House / Photo by author

In a previous post, I discussed pollution on the west side of Lake Michigan. Safe swimming near Chicago and Milwaukee, especially after a rainstorm, means closely observing the bacteria monitoring results. But what about this side of the lake? The Grand Haven State Park beach is on the left side…

I remember back in the day, flight attendants had to stop serving alcohol when the planes flew above Kansas airspace.... lol

The paradox of choice and one home builder’s solution

Everyone loves choices. But people like limits on their choices, even if they don’t admit it. Imagine choosing a job opportunity. Say you only have three choices. Further, all three choices are in Fargo, North Dakota. Would you want more options? I know I would. But now imagine you have…

Sometimes a simple thought experiment becomes worthless in its simplicity. Most everyone will get social security. Many will get pensions. For many people, these two income streams will be plenty to live on comfortably.

So for them, the question becomes more how much money do you need/want to bridge the gap before these streams begin.

The denominator can shift from 30+ years to 5 or 10 years.

Personally I realized I already had enough to leave a job I hated and be free now. Said goodbye to the corp world 3 years ago and have never been happier.

My peers say they will have to work till they are 70, or dead. Silly. They won't go past the simple thought experiment you described.

My General Electric

photo by author

The other evening I was at the brewhouse, reciting my three-minute life’s story to the inquisitive guy next to me. In my one minute life’s story, GE never comes up. But expanded to three minutes, it does.

“Oh, did you like working at GE?”

Yes, yes I did… until I…

Jim Mura

Writing from the dunes on Lake Michigan… michigandreams.com

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